Directly below are short videos of TI-Nspire based solutions to the following questions:
Questions 5, 10, 13, 15c, 16.

Please note that these video solutions demonstrate how the TI-Nspire can be used for the topics assessed in this course. They do not exemplify the algebraic methods that may be expected to be written on an exam script. In addition, Press-to-Test mode settings may prevent the demonstrated solution from being done when in an exam.

2014 SQA AH Maths Qn05.mp4

2014 SQA AH Maths Qn10.mp4

2014 SQA AH Maths Qn13.mp4

2014 SQA AH Maths Qn15c.mp4

2014 SQA AH Maths Qn16.mp4